2014 Winner: Hello Love

Photo Credit: Hello Love


Casey Harrison prides herself on “eliminating cheesy wedding photography.” She believes that “your wedding is not a photo shoot,” which means no overedited pictures and few posed shots. Instead, she’s an expert at capturing a wedding’s natural flow—including guests’ moves on the dance floor—with unobtrusive, photojournalistic skill, both digitally and with toy-camera film.

Other Winners

  • Photographer

    2015 Winner: Silver and Salt

    Photography runs in Ben Schaefer’s family. His father was passionate about the art, and his brother’s previous career as a wedding photographer inspired Schaefer—who’d majored in economics—to switch courses about eight years ago…...

    Photographer - Silver and Salt Photo Credit: Silver and Salt
  • Photographer

    2016 Winner: Lindsay Hite

    Lindsay Hite first fell in love with photography when she saw her prints emerge from the darkroom at Weston High; today it’s a couple’s chemistry that inspires her...

    Photographer - Lindsay Hite Photo Credit: Lindsay Hite
  • Photographer

    2017 Winner: Lauren Methia

    Lauren Methia’s job is to document the big day, but she says it’s the small moments that count— and her own experience as a recent bride informs her approach...

    Lauren Methia Photo Credit: Lauren Methia