People & Places

  • New Addition

    Boston Public Market

    No wonder crowds have been a constant at the year-round indoor farmers market that houses dozens of local vendors above the Haymarket T station...

    New Addition - Boston Public Market Photo Credit: Chuck Choi
  • Champions

    The Boston Pride

    The Pride more than lived up to the city’s Titletown rep in the first season of the NWHL...

  • College Athlete

    Jimmy Vesey

    The 6-foot-3 Harvard forward became the third straight Boston athlete to win the Hobey Baker Award, given to the country’s best college hockey player...

  • College Professor

    John Leonard of MIT

    Bill Belichick took a crack at it. A seventh-grader from Lynn did as well. ...

    College Professor - John Leonard of MIT Photo Credit: John Freidah/MIT
  • Creative Use of Space

    Lynch Family Skatepark

    The term “rad” might be a little outdated, but it sums up our feelings about one of the city’s newest attractions...

    Creative Use of Space - Lynch Family Skatepark Photo Credit: Charles River Conservancy
  • Food Pornographer

    Chocolate for Basil

    If the title of Jerrelle Guy and Eric Harrison’s blog is enough to make your mouth water, then the food pics will send your appetite into overdrive...

    Food Pornographer - Chocolate for Basil Photo Credit: Jerrelle Guy
  • Mind Bender

    Le Laboratoire Cambridge

    Founded by Harvard inventor David Edwards, Le Lab Cambridge is the first outpost of Edwards’ Paris cultural lab, and it’ll certainly get your head spinning...

  • Pop Art

    The Justin Bieber mural

    Six months before Justin Bieber wandered barefoot around the Common, feeding squirrels and spending some time reflecting in a tree, he generated buzz with a little art in Jamaica Plain...

    Pop Art - The Justin Bieber mural Photo Credit: Nicole Popma
  • Reason to Cry

    Somerville’s Pity Party

    Local artist and writer Greg Cook came up with the brilliant idea for a collective Pity Party, aiming to turn sadness into a less solo experience, and made us all crack a smile...

  • Screen Time

    Spotlight Wins Best Picture

    The Catholic Church’s sex-abuse scandal is an all-too-well known story in Boston, so it’s a credit to director/co-writer Tom McCarthy that the movie about The Boston Globe’s reporting still felt fresh...

  • Staycation Excuse

    New Hotels Across the City

    Staycations were “in” out of necessity during the penny-pinching days of the Great Recession, but all the sleek new options in town are providing enticement now...

  • Trend

    Destination Shipping Containers

    Shipping containers are finding second lives, providing flexible spaces that chefs, artists and even a barber have made their own...

    Trend - Destination Shipping Containers Photo Credit: Caitlin Cunningham Photography
  • Vigilante Chef

    Jason Santos

    The blue-haired toque made a name for himself on Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen, but hell hath no fury like Santos...

    Vigilante Chef - Jason Santos Photo Credit: Andre Lambiase
  • Wild Animals

    Charles River Seals

    For decades environmentalists have been advocating for a swimmable and fishable Charles River, and this spring one critter gave its seal of approval...