The Infinity (Knot)

(Best done with the widest, longest scarf you can find)
1- Make a square by folding a rectangular scarf in half.
2- Fold one corner over to the opposite corner to form a triangle.
3- Center the point of the triangle on your chest and let the ends hang behind you.
4- Bring the ends around to the front, forming a loop around your neck.
5- Tuck the ends under the point of the triangle (tie loosely for an extra security) and fluff. 

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The Hidden Knot

(Best done with a traditional wool scarf)
1- Place the scarf around your neck with the ends hanging behind you.
2- Cross the two ends and bring them to the front to create a loop.
3- Tie a knot, with one end slightly longer than the other.
4- Tuck the knot under the loop and adjust until the knot is hidden for a clean, polished look. 

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The Bow Tie Knot

(Best done with a long, medium-width scarf) 
1- Put the scarf around your neck with the ends hanging evenly in front of you.
2- Tie a knot and let the ends hang loosely in front of you.
3- Tie a simple bow by pulling the bottom loop up through the top loop
4- Fluff and center, or pull over slightly to the side for a fun twist. 

**Tip- Steam or iron your scarf to get the make the most out of the surface area.

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