• Patch Work
    Photo Credit: Dan Watkins

    Perfect Picks

    Patch Work

    There are more than 70 varieties of gourds and squash, so navigating the pumpkin patch is a little complicated… More>

  • Ay, There’s The Rub
    Photo Credit: Kristian Sekulic

    Ez Sez

    Ay, There’s The Rub

    The other day I was perusing course listings for a community college (one should always have a backup plan) when I noticed a class called “massage ethics… More>

  • Perfect Conduct

    Last Scene Here

    Perfect Conduct

    Pop Quiz: There’s only one composer’s name carved into the proscenium arch at Symphony Hall. Whose is i… More>

  • Feeling Blues
    Photo Credit: Dan Watkins


    Feeling Blues

    Cobalt paired with gold brightens the dark wardrobe staples of the season… More>

  • Nature Calls
    Photo Credit: Jumping Rocks

    The Escape Artist

    Nature Calls

    The Cranes could’ve been the protagonists of a Wes Anderson film—quirky, charming and appallingly wealthy. Their estate—a 2,100-acre spread on the Ipswich coast that the family gifted to the Trustees of the Reservations in the mid-20th century—has an elaborate but enchanting history… More>

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