• Wrist Watch
    Holly Rike


    Wrist Watch

    1. Adidas FitSmart, $150 at Best Buy; 2. Garmin Vivofit, $130 at NRO sport; 3. Fitbit Flex, $100 at City Sport… More>

  • Grace Notes
    Grace Hotel Group

    The Escape Artist

    Grace Notes

    New England inns share a common thread of DNA, harking back to some ur-bed-and-breakfast lost in the Colonial mist… More>

  • Off the Cuff
    Sharon White


    Off the Cuff

     “My work has a subtle aggression,” says Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic, the local designer behind the AnaKatarina line of sustainable jewelr… More>

  • Vision Quest

    Ez Sez

    Vision Quest

    My eyes went bad in high school, a fact uncovered by a startled driver’s ed instructor who realized that I couldn’t see more than 10 feet beyond the hood of his Dodge Arie… More>

  • Strap On


    Strap On

    When we stumbled across a Kickstarter for a product called Rousers early this December, we weren’t sure if we were amused, turned on or…confuse… More>

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