Turns out fairy godmothers and godfathers do exist, and they’re avid supporters of the Point Foundation, which held its annual Boston Cornerstone event at the Mandarin Oriental, Boston. The evening raised major bank to help LGBTQ students facing financial hardship. Among the buff and the beautiful on hand were cochairs Rodney Raftery and Ceceilia Allwein, eminence grise John Vasconcellos and the devastatingly handsome Bill Barr, tall drink of water John Koss, barely legal Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, interior design avatar Michael Carter and his veterinarian hubby, David Rousseau, delicious gingersnaps Lauren Joy and Karen DeTemple, dashing English equestrian Paul Butterworth, and every other successful A-list gay in Boston.

Rarely has anyone given a speech as eloquent as Harvard med student and Point scholar Cary Crall, who choked everyone up with a personal story that went from a conservative Mormon upbringing featuring (the recently outlawed) “reparative therapy,” to recognizing his proud father sitting in the audience. 

Meanwhile, the evening’s most arch remark was, “I don’t hold anything against you. But if I did, I’d use hand sanitizer.”

Dough, Re, Mi

This year’s Storybook Ball had a Sound of Music theme, and while there weren’t any raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, there were a few of our other favorite things, like cocktails in glasses and party people in formalwear.

A benefit for Mass General’s Children’s Hospital, the big-ticket evening at the Museum of Fine Arts attracted the likes of cochairs Katherine O’Keefe and Kerry Swords, blonde bombshell Sarah Mars, newlyweds Michael and Adrienne Schlow, billion-dollar broker Michael Lorber, the spiffy John Reidy, Back Bay gajillionaire Jay Cashman and his gorgeous wife, Christy, über-groover Charles Ribakoff with the
incomparable Patty, Our Lady of Chanel Mary Nobile-King, cupcake cutie Courtney Forrester and her stud-muffin, Michael, celebrity auctioneer Lenny Clarke and Wonder Woman Jen, and pretty much everyone else who knows how to schmooze, booze and have a good time while doing good.

There were carnival games for luxury goods like cashmere throws and getaways to five-star hotels, the Shapiro courtyard made the von Trapp family schloss look dreary by comparison, and the entertainment was outstanding.

In fact, the evening’s only false note was the food, which was prepared by the museum’s kitchen and prompted one guest to say, “No wonder Austrians all have zero-percent body fat.”

More than making up for it, though, was having free run of the Mario Testino exhibit, where one guest was overheard saying, “Those are the kind of nipples I have nightmares about.”

Tickled Green

How do you fit 300 people into the ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental, Boston? Entice them with tasty tidbits by top local chefs and then use a xylophone and a shoehorn to get them into their seats for a lively charity auction and a Q&A with Top Chef star Gail Simmons.

Shades of Hope—a benefit for the Melanoma Foundation—(of which The Improper was a proud sponsor) attracted an exuberant crowd that included Judeo-Cuban firecracker Dora Lewin, opera operator Mimi Dequesada, the devilishly handsome Arthur Arbetter, decorator about town Mark Bombara, the toothpaste commercial couple of Bill Emery and Chase Pennington, the beloved Mary Hull, XV Beacon chatelaine Amy Finsilver (looking smokin’ in a Pucci dress), and impish real-estate hottie Michael Harper, to name but one percent.

The auction was a laugh-riot, thanks to salty emcee John Terrio, and the amount of money raised could’ve bought all the sunscreen in Palm Beach.

My only complaint: The party favor wasn’t a pair of designer sunglasses. But even that couldn’t have saved anyone from the UVA and UVB rays emanating from the dress of a woman whom someone described as, “A walking, radioactive disco ball.”

Photo Credit for Gail Simmons: David DiNisco