Who Knew? Marco Polo Brought Spaghetti Back From China

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Larry Fish and Atsuko Toko Fish at the
Silk Road Gala

The State Room was transformed into a multicultural rainbow of saris, kimonos, salwar kameez, cheongsams and every other form of traditional Asian dress when the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence held its Silk Road Gala.

Spotted noshing on food by celebrity chefs Ming Tsai, Jody Adams and Asia Mei (to name only a few) were such personages and panjandrums as BJ’s head honcha Laura Sen, former first lady of Massachusetts Susan Weld, the indescribably beautiful Audrey Paek, pretty-in-pearls Kija Kim, the dapper George Donnelly squiring the stunning Sarah Kim, bow-tied hipster George Turnbull, the smashing Sansan Lee, the flawless Atsuko Toko Fish and her banking bigwig husband, Larry Fish, and the diminutive emcee for the evening, Janet Wu, whose handmade top was a costume from the Beijing Opera that the company sold when it was short on money during a U.S. tour. 

Needless to say, the evening was pretty much perfect, with cocktails followed by the chefs fattening everyone up, which prompted one guest to observe, “Pizza? That’s not Asian… Although I do know of a good pizza joint in Shanghai.”


Not Your Best Angle

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Amy Belkin, Aris Snyder, Julie Belkin Rand
and Diana Peselmanat the Children’s Hospital Gala

How many fancy-pants can you fit into the ballroom of the InterContinental Boston

Apparently a lot, because the Children’s Hospital League’s annual gala lived up to its name: A Night of Sweet Dreams and Silver Linings.

All the bright young things were there, among them: blonde bombshell Elena Matlack and
the alarmingly tall Tom, the breathtakingly beautiful Margaret McNeill, handsome devil Alex Peselman and the drop-dead gorgeous Diana, the extremely lucky Richard Snyder with his movie-star gorgeous wife, Aris, salt-and-pepper fox Evan Kushner, latter-day Louise Brooks Penny Fireman and the ever-affable Dan, co-chairs Nicole Clark and Marci Katz, the soignée Sarah Svenson, costumer extraordinaire Lynne Smith and her loving hubby, Gary, the luscious Kat VanDernoot, and so on and so forth.

One sign that the party was destined to go into overdrive: The dance floor was crowded before anyone had sat down to dinner, while the tables were decorated with giant martini glasses filled with Hershey’s Kisses. Meanwhile, members of the hospital’s Clown Care Unit gave the proceedings a Ringling Brothers-meets-Armani vibe.

The evening’s best exchange: One man said, “These mirrored tables make me nostalgic for the days when I did coke.” To which his friend responded, “I never understood why you’d want to watch yourself get high.”


Food, Glorious Food

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Pam Remis and Randi Cutler at the Food for Thought Dinner

The most aptly named fundraiser on the city’s social calendar is Food for Thought, the annual dinner party to benefit the Grow Clinic at Boston Medical Center

Held at the Mandarin Oriental, the intriguing crowd included the likes of redheaded babe Lauren Joy, eminence grise Don Rodman, the Karger twins, Paul and Wes, with their stunning other halves, Pamela Vargas and Ashley Bickford, perfection personified Mary Wolfson, incorrigible scamp Mark Andrus, unfairly good-looking couple Pam and Richard Remis, ambassador Alan Solomont and the stunning Susan, arts consultant Martha Jones, Grow Clinic founder Dr. Deborah Frank, mistress of fabulousness Heather Unruh, the entire Cutler and Belkin clans, and equally delightful others, all there to honor chefs Lydia Shire, Gordon Hamersley and Jody Adams

As always, the evening was eye-opening and raised beaucoup bucks to help feed undernourished kids, with the added bonus that, as per usual, the dinner and wines were superb.

As one attendee put it: “If I could cook like this, I might not be so good at making reservations.”