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New England native Eric Fisher is the new chief meteorologist for WBZ-TV (Channel 4). 

I feel better about the job when I watch other people try it, 'cause when you watch someone who thinks it's all really easy, they quickly realize that it's not. It takes a few years before you really have your feel down—how you act at the wall and how you gesture and how to be engaging all at the same time. And not having to think about it while you do it.

My favorite is definitely snowstorms. Reason being, you can have a little fun with the snowstorms. Snowstorms generally are not wildly deadly, but they have the power to shut down a city. The anticipation of it, watching the first flake fall and watching the whole thing unfold in a matter of hours—I think snowstorms are just the best.

[Laughs] See, that's the thing about weather: It's always arbitrary. So any person would have a different definition of what terrible actually is. I don't think New England weather's terrible. New England is just in a spot where you've got ocean influence. You've got the jet stream, which is almost always active in the region; you're open to heat in the summertime and humidity. It's really anything goes. I mean, if you want to forecast the weather in California, go ahead, but that's retirement. That's not interesting.

Well, I think Sharknado in Boston would make a lot more sense than Sharknado in Southern California, 'cause we actually have sharks in Cape Cod and we actually have tornadoes, which Southern California generally does not. An animal storm in Boston—I guess it'd be a Sealstorm. People want to get rid of all those seals out of Cape Cod right now; this could tidy up the problem.