AcousticaElectronica at Oberon

AcousticaElectronica is a sensory-stunning mashup of opposites. The immersive theatrical show blends past and present, classical with sizzling electronic dance music and a night on the dance floor with a trip to the theater. Grab a drink to start as performers mingle with the crowd while in-character before the time-hopping, storyline-driven performance. The show first transports the audience into the past to meet characters of the arts—including Pierrot Lunaire and Odette the Swan—before whisking the icons  into the here and now where they struggle with identity in a dazzling new world. After the show, hit the dance floor till 2 am with beats by DJ Danny Satori. Sparks fly when AcousticaElectronica lights up the stage at Oberon on Feb. 2. / Nathan Tavares


2 Arrow Street Cambridge, MA 02138 United States (617) 547-8300