4 THRU Jun 4

Greece: A High School Musical

Move over Zuko and Kenickie: Greased lightnin’ ain’t got nothing on an angry god’s thunder. In the Gold Dust Orphans’ Greece: A High School Musical, an irreverent, raunchy mashup of that classic ’50s-set musical and a hodgepodge of Greek myths, Zeus may be king of the gods at work, but at home he’s just a dad at his wits’ end. When his teenage daughter gets caught meddling in human drama, he banishes her to an earthly public school to set her straight. That plan backfires when she meets a cute teen Trojan who has her ready to it give up (her immortality, that is). There’s going to be Hades to pay when all the comedic drama hits Machine May 4-June 4.


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