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'The World of Lore: Wicked Mortals'

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Podcaster Aaron Mahnke shares ‘The World of Lore: Wicked Mortals,’ his book about the world’s most horrifying homosapiens.

In his latest journey into history’s dark corners, Lore podcast creator Aaron Mahnke tells true tales of the most terrifying monsters to walk the earth: humans. The World of Lore: Wicked Mortals delves into the lives of sinister slaughterers such as serial killer H.H. Holmes, who built an entire “Castle” hotel to satisfy his craving for murder. Mahnke’s illustrated collection of creeps will chill you to your bones—and leave you looking over your shoulder for who might be lurking in plain sight. Keep an eye out for monsters and mortals alike on May 29 at Brookline Booksmith. / Hannah McKennett

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Brookline Booksmith

279 Harvard St.
Brookline, MA 02446 United States

(617) 566-6660

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