• Ken Dietz
    Photo Credit: Adam DeTour

    Style Profile

    Ken Dietz

    “Picking one accessory first helps me choose the rest of an outfit. You find the one thing you really want to wear, and it becomes the thing you build around.&rdquo… More>

  • Singular Sensations
    Photo Credit: Jesse Burke

    Singular Sensations

    There’s too much time wasted on advising singles how and with whom they should pair off. This well-meaning malarkey is predicated on the idea that single means solitary, that coupling is an individual’s raison d’être… More>

  • The New Romanticism
    Photo Credit: Conor Doherty

    The New Romanticism

    Real passion shirks the Hallmark trappings of Valentine’s Day. But as holidays go, it’s still the best excuse to wear grand-gesture jewelry and killer lingerie. How do we love such baubles and underthings? Let us count the ways… More>

  • Liz Claman

    Soroff On

    Liz Claman

    Fox Business anchor Liz Claman, 48, was born and raised in Beverly Hills. She worked as a reporter and later an anchor in Ohio before joining WHDH-TV Channel 7 in Boston, where she served as a reporter and anchor for many years… More>

  • Drinking Buddies
    Photo Credit: Emily Knudsen

    Drinking Buddies

    Restricting cocktails to pre- and post-dinner is now a tired tradition, thanks to the surge in restaurants and bars that value what’s in your glass as much as what’s on your plate. But finding the perfect pairing poses a big challenge: Mixed drinks typically have more aggressive flavors than wine or beer… More>

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