• Mindy Kaling
    Photo Credit: Andrew Stiles

    Soroff On

    Mindy Kaling

    Writer/actress Mindy Kaling, 33, was born Vera Chokalingam in Cambridge. Best known as Kelly Kapoor on The Office, she is the creator and star of the new Fox comedy series The Mindy Project, on which she plays an ob-gyn… More>

  • Katie Aselton
    Photo Credit: Andrew Stiles

    Soroff On

    Katie Aselton

    Actor and filmmaker Katie Aselton, 34, was born and raised in Maine and attended Boston University. She stars in the fourth season of The League, the FX comedy about a fantasy football league, along with her husband and frequent collaborator, Mark Duplass… More>

  • Escape to the Sublime
    Illustration Credit: Thomas Pitilli

    Escape to the Sublime

    There was only one thought on my mind as I drifted 3,000 feet in the air, protected from a violent cactus-spiked landing by a wicker cage tied to a yellow and blue balloon… More>

  • Escaping Urban Life
    Illustration Credit: Thomas Pitilli

    Escaping Urban Life

    As a boy, I’d spend a few weeks every summer at my uncle’s farm. I slept in a loft above the kitchen, and in the mornings, a volunteer from the assemblage of feral cats would walk across my face to rouse me… More>

  • Escaping the Noises in My Head
    Illustration Credit: Thomas Pitilli

    Escaping the Noises in My Head

    Not all great escapes require a passport, sunscreen and a wad of cash. In fact, according to its practitioners, one of the most intense journeys you can take in life requires nothing more than a cushion and a quiet room… More>

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