• Arie Kopelman

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    Arie Kopelman

    Former chairman of Chanel and avid historic preservationist Arie Kopelman was born and raised in Boston. He began his business career with Proctor & Gamble in the company’s brand management program and worked in the advertising business before joining Chanel in 1986… More>

  • Jenny Slate
    Photo Credit: Jory Cordy

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    Jenny Slate

    Comedian and actor Jenny Slate, 29, was raised in Milton before moving to New York. After graduating from Columbia, she worked as a stand-up and eventually landed the dream job of being a cast member on Saturday Night Live during the 2009–2010 season… More>

  • Common Ground
    Photo Credit: Heather McGrath

    Common Ground

    The origin story of Apple begins in a garage. In this narrative, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak toiled away in a place reserved for machines at rest, in disuse, to cobble together their grand idea. But before the garage, there was the Homebrew Computer Club, where, according to Wozniak, equally crucial work happened… More>

  • Game Theory

    Game Theory

    The headquarters sits down the road from Quincy Center, past the joke shop, near the comic book store and above a business specializing in hearing aid repair. Inside, it’s a maze of short stairs and high-traffic carpeting, a low-rent office study sketched by M.C. Escher… More>

  • Ken Dietz
    Photo Credit: Adam DeTour

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    Ken Dietz

    “Picking one accessory first helps me choose the rest of an outfit. You find the one thing you really want to wear, and it becomes the thing you build around.&rdquo… More>

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