Evan Harrison
Deep Ellum | 477 Cambridge St., Allston | 617-787-2337 | deepellum-boston.com 

For most of us at Deep Ellum, classic cocktails have been a distinct interest for years. I think despite the changing trends, we just keep doing what we do.

Some people drink whatever their parents drank, or whatever their friends drink, or whatever they drank the last time they went out. Others never want to have the same thing twice. Everyone else wants Cynar.  

Domestic lager paired with rye whiskey. 

Hungry Mother’s country ham and biscuits. They’ll gladly pair it with a No. 99 cocktail.  

Ask two of them for proper ID and call animal control about the other. 

Everything from old country and R&B to power pop and punk rock. It all depends on what’s going on in the room.      


I asked her out three years ago, and now we live together.    

“I’m sorry I can’t serve you.” “Why?” “Because you’re bleeding from your eye.” 

Vermouth and bitters. 


Tearing up coasters at the bar. But I’m as guilty of this as anyone. 

The Perfect Pal (developed with my most perfect pals in Somerville)
2 big dashes of robust orange bitters, 1 oz. of rye (preferably Old Overholt), 1/2 oz. Cinzano sweet vermouth,  1/2 oz. Noilly Pratt dry vermouth, 1 oz. Aperol. Stir and strain into a chilled old-fashioned glass.

Jessica Hart Burday

Temple Bar | 1688 Mass. Ave., Cambridge | 617-547-5055 | templebarcambridge.com

I write a sex and dating column, “Good Times With Jess,” for Worcester Mag, along with a daily blog.

I now know what a muddler is really for. And I mean that in the dirtiest possible way. 

My mom.

Red wine. But I’ve been having an illicit affair with Kahlúa ever since we met in junior high.

I have a feeling tonight’s the night.

Definitely card the alligator. They look a lot older than they are.

Pandora. Unless James, the other bartender, gets his hands on it, and then it’s country. 

A slap of mint. I like slapping things.

My amazing Victoria’s Secret push-up bra. OK, some have seen it.

An older, highly respected academic from a nearby university gave me a porn novel. But I do love getting books and chocolate, so please don’t let this dissuade you.

I’ve got a drunk couple in the woman’s bathroom, a drunk ex-con and an unattended baby, at 1 a.m. on a Monday night. How did this become my life?

Tiki bars. I have my grass skirt and shell bra ready to go.

Jess’s Juice Box
2 oz. housemade raspberry-infused rum, 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice. Serve on the rocks, topped with lemonade and garnished with a lime wedge.

Billy Young
The Greatest Bar, Scholars | 262 Friend St., Boston | 617-367-0544 | thegreatestbar.com;
Scholars American Bistro and Cocktail Lounge | 25 School St., Boston | 617-248-0025 | scholarsboston.com 

Yup. I’m a fan.

You need an understanding of the ingredients available and how to not only use but combine them. It’s crucial to be creative and experimental. Anyone can fill a glass. Not everyone can make a good drink.

Jameson on the rocks.

Pizza. I’ve yet to have bad bar pizza. It goes with everything.

Bust out the Manischewitz and Jameson. Wine for the rabbi and the priest. Whiskey for me and the gator.

Grand Marnier’s Navan Vanilla Cognac. I love this stuff. It’s so mixable.

I try to make every customer feel welcome. If I have the time, I’ll speak as much as I can with them. Part of this business is making everyone feel comfortable. 

I had a guy spend two hours trying to work up the courage to ask his girlfriend’s dad for permission to marry his daughter. When the dad arrived, the guy was out of his mind. Just listening to the conversation was a riot. I think the dad thought it was funny, too, because when he walked in, he said, “Why are we meeting here? You don’t even drink.” 

Fresh market ingredients.

Cherry Lemonade
Muddle 4 lemon slices with sugar in a highball glass. Add sour mix and water to taste. Add 1 1/2 oz. cherry vodka, 1/2 oz. citrus vodka and a dash of grenadine and Sprite. Shake and serve, with the muddled lemons as the garnish.

Lindsay Milano
Umbria Prime, Splash | 295 Franklin St., Boston | 617-338-1000 | umbriaprime.com;
Splash Ultra Lounge & Burger Bar | 150 Kneeland St., Boston | 617-426-6397 | splash150kneeland.com

Public relations student at Suffolk University.  

In the clubs, it’s anything with two- or three-word names—vodka Red Bull, Jack and Coke...

I like to keep it simple. Ketel One and soda or a glass of red wine.

It’s not the most comfortable choice, but I go with high-heeled boots.

Top 40... the best of DJ Dirty Dek!

Grenadine. It makes everything that much sweeter and more colorful! 

 With the “one you can’t shake,” I try to be as nice as possible... until they transform into a stage-five stalker, of course.

 My first night ever on the bar, I got a $100 tip for one drink. I quickly realized I love this job.

Vodka and gin are the only true martinis, but I have to admit, I enjoy some of the fruitier ones.

 Summertime equals infusions and sangria. Fruit mixed with booze? What’s more perfect for warm weather? 

Knowing my name usually does the trick.

Berry Mojito
Stoli Blueberi, Bacardi Razz, simple syrup, muddled with lime and blueberries. Top with raspberry soda water.