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Photo Credit: Andrew Stiles

Actor and filmmaker Katie Aselton, 34, was born and raised in Maine and attended Boston University. She stars in the fourth season of The League, the FX comedy about a fantasy football league, along with her husband and frequent collaborator, Mark Duplass. Aselton made her directorial debut with The Freebie, about a couple who give each other the chance to have a one-night-stand. She has also appeared in Our Idiot Brother, The Intervention, Cyrus and Easier With Practice. Her thriller Black Rock, in which she both stars and directs, is scheduled for a 2013 release, and also stars Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell. She and Duplass live with their two daughters in Los Angeles.

Is The League the best show on television?

Is it Boardwalk Empire? No. Is it the funniest, snarkiest show that is painfully honest about friendships? Yes.