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Photographed by Andrew McLeod; grooming:
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wardrobe: Title of Work tie, Roderick Tung shirt,
John Varvatos suit, Happy Socks socks and
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Weymouth native Rob Corddry graduated from UMass Amherst and rocketed to fame on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. In 2007, he starred in the Fox sitcom The Winner, and in 2008 he launched the Web series Childrens Hospital, which now airs on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim and won an Emmy in 2012. Corddry has appeared in dozens of feature films, including Old School, Hot Tub Time Machine, What Happens in Vegas and Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, while his TV credits include Curb Your Enthusiasm and Arrested Development. This year he appears in the zombie film Warm Bodies, Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain (opposite Mark Wahlberg) and the animated feature Escape From Planet Earth. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.   


You have like 15 movies at Sundance. Think you’ll get a chance to ski?
Absolutely not. It takes so much effort for me to put my pants on in the morning, let alone a whole ski outfit. So even if I had a week up there and there was no film festival, you still wouldn’t find me on the slopes.   

Absolutely, and I think he’d be the first to admit it. They always said the anti-Christ would be beautiful and charismatic, and people would follow him, and also that he’d be Jewish and really short.

Oh, boy. We’re just holding a mirror up to nature. [Laughs.]

I’m going to say no because then he’d be deformed. And John Hamm is perfect.

To be honest, there’s a lot of stuff we don’t do on Childrens Hospital because it’s too dark. You don’t want to see sick kids. They’re kind of a comedy killer. But we did do a 9/11 joke when we were on the Web.

I can’t get a bead on Weymouth, nor have I ever been able to. My fond feelings about it are based mostly on nostalgia, but from what everyone else says, it’s a s***hole.

I think I do. I’m on the payroll. I’m going to call my accountant the moment we get off the phone and find out if they’re sending me my checks.

It’s the Harvard of Playboy party schools. And allow me to point out: I’m on fire right now. Who needs A.D.D. medication?

No, but I did have to tell a lot of school kids to stop touching famous paintings. But my strangest job was in college. I was an undercover security guard in the school store. So I’d bust people for shoplifting and then go steal a bunch of CDs. I owe them some money. Maybe I’ll forward them my Massport checks.

It’s cold there eight months out of the year. Plus, they’re descended from Puritans, which definitely fuels sarcasm.

It's too hard to choose because I've done so many. It's sort of impossible to embarrass me, which is an asset and also not. But as a result, I think of everything I do as perfectly tasteful. I'm here to teach.

Absolutely! Anyone who doesn’t think bathroom humor is funny is an idiot. Everybody poops. It’s the basis of observational humor. Every funny thing Seinfeld ever said was indirectly a poop joke.

It already has. Everything I do is on the Internet. Ninety-nine percent of my work is done online. The only thing holding us back is bandwidth speed. Once we work that out, it’s curtains for conventional TV. And good riddance.

I IMDb myself every day because I’m casting Childrens Hospital and need to see who I’ve been in movies with, so I can beg them to be on the show. But Google, not so much. There’s no new information. Nothing very interesting.

Anything in the anthropomorphized animal genre, which is really all of them. But I guess maybe Scooby-Doo. Those kids really know how to solve a mystery.

No, and the people who say they are annoy me because I think they just want attention.

Three hours later, they’d really gotten to know each other. And the priest said, “I’m scared.” And the rabbi said, “I’m scared, too.” And the hooker said, “That makes three of us. Is there really a God?” Classic joke construction.

My children.

Performing? No. But there’s definitely porn in my future because my wife just took the kids out, and I’ve got 45 minutes alone.

This isn’t strange so much as depressing. I had just gotten engaged to the love of my life, and I was at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Very much in love. Could not wait to spend the rest of my life with her. And I got hit on by three girls who loved The Daily Show and wanted me to go up to their hotel room with them. Super bummer. I was like, “Where were you eight months ago?” They ruined my life, those three.

Stephen Colbert, the moment I met him, said, “Your name has no vowels!” I guess the y is questionable. I should’ve changed my name to Dustin Diamond, but apparently, that’s Screech’s porn handle.