Good Luck Finding a DJ Who Can Move & Shake Like Thissssssss


Price: $13

Ingredients: Clyde May’s Bourbon, Triple Eight Distillery Hurricane Rum, Pommeau
de Normandie, lemon, apple bitters, honey/ginger foam

Taste: The froth of the egg white foam hits first, followed by notes of citrus and apple.

Film credits: Lion’s Tail partner and movie buff Jarek Mountain names his concoctions after favorite comedies. “They need to make more movies because we’re running out of quotes,” Mountain jokes, noting that this drink nods to what he calls The Wedding Singer’s best line, delivered by a shimmying Jon Lovitz.

Next round: You can’t go wrong with the bar’s namesake, Mountain’s favorite
classic cocktail, here a two-ounce pour of bourbon with allspice dram and lime that forgoes the usual simple syrup in favor of a “velvety textured” gum syrup that takes 36 hours to make.

In the lion’s den: “We’re going for a very unpretentious cocktail bar,” Mountain says of the South End spot, which he and partner Ken Casey—the Dropkick Murphys frontman—opened in December. Leonine motifs appear throughout, from the doorknocker that greets guests to a mural by local artist Mark Grundig. The space also sports drink rails, communal high-tops, black leather banquettes and a curved 16-seat bar, custom-made so imbibers won’t bump elbows. A 20-seat patio will debut with warmer weather, and weekly live music is in the works—Mountain is considering a jazz band to mellow out the usual soundtrack of classic hip-hop.

Lion’s Tail Ink Block, 354 Harrison Ave., Boston (857-239-9276)

Ink Block

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