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Photo Credit: Dan Watkins

Name: Tamarind Paloma.

Price: $12.

Ingredients: Milagro Silver Tequila, Cocktail Kingdom Wormwood Bitters, tamarind soda.

Inventor: Beehive general manager Bertil Jean-Chronberg.

Taste: Curiously light yet tangy, with the clean bite of the tequila up front. The fruit from the tamarind takes on a crisp, bitter note from the wormwood, allaying the sugars. This is what you’d get if Vincent van Gogh ran a lemonade stand outside a Mexican bodega.

Tradition: “The bartenders here are trained by the book,” says Jean-Chronberg. “If you come in here and order a Manhattan, I guarantee that it will be made with Canadian Club and a maraschino cherry.” But after perfecting the traditional recipes, the bartenders get to play. Hence, tamarind.

Innovation: “The Paloma base is a classic, vintage cocktail,” says Jean-Chronberg. “Tamarind soda is a very old product in the islands and South America. We found one made with real cane sugar.” He orders the soda 60 cases at a time.

Restriction: “We never put more than three or four elements in a cocktail,” says Jean-Chronberg. “Same as in the kitchen. You don’t want things fighting. Focus on quality.”

Pair With: Something simple, like guac and chips. Or, as Jean-Chronberg suggests, “Drink it before dinner.”

Seasonality: What might have tasted egregiously summery is grounded by the wormwood’s earth notes. Despite being pastel-colored and fruity, this doesn’t clash with sweater season.

For a 180-Degree Alternative: Embrace the winter with the Kentucky Orchid, a hot apple cider cocktail made with butter-infused bourbon and all spice dram. “It’s been on the menu for two weeks, and we’re going through 20 liters of bourbon per week.”  

Tamarind Paloma
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