• Cult Following


    Cult Following

    Elusive, impeccably controlled and, at times, alienating, Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master is a bold and weighty picture. I daresay it’s possible to be wowed by the film without quite grasping it, rather turning over the cryptic double meanings and curveball non sequiturs in your mind for days after the closing credits roll… More>

  • Sound Corral
    Photo Credit: Jennifer Church


    Sound Corral

    If not for music, Michael Gira predicts he’d still be a construction worker. It was his day job during the early ’80s, when he trashed and renovated New York lofts and apartments… More>

  • All Aboard
    Photo Credit: Nicole Popma


    All Aboard

    This place is terrific. I’m relieved, as I was a fan of the previous tenant, Frank McClelland’s original Sel de la Terre… More>

  • Tips on Dip
    Photo Credit: Danny Smythe

    Tips on Dip

    Chips and salsa: the greatest thing since sliced tortillas. They’re a Mexican restaurant’s more flavorful version of bread and butter, with the extra bonus of being fried… More>

  • The Artful Lodger

    The Escape Artist

    The Artful Lodger

    To Bostonians, Providence’s only lures may seem to be Brown, the Dunkin’ Donuts Center and the occasional colonial building. The city, however, is a surprise. A hybrid of Parisian beauty and Austin creativity, even the commuter rail station feels novel… More>

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