• Robot Love
    Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez


    Robot Love

    Fluorescent streamers hang from microphone stands as eight musicians meld Afrobeat with New Wave dance-rock, and L.E.D. medallions pulse on their moving bodies… More>

  • Duet Right
    Photo Credit: Dan Watkins

    First Taste

    Duet Right

    Over the past two years, promotion company Bowery Presents has branched out from its New York and Philly bases to bring us acts like the Kills and Dr. Dog… More>

  • Rooting For It
    Photo Credit: Dan Watkins

    Drink of the Moment

    Rooting For It

    Name: Cumberland County; Price: $13; Ingredients: Old Overholt rye whiskey, Art in the Age root liqueur, Punt e Mes, Benedictine, Xocolatl Mole Bitters… More>

  • I Got You Abe
    Photo Credit: David James; SMPSP


    I Got You Abe

    Our Greatest President, played by our Greatest Actor under the guidance of our Greatest Director—the weight of legend has been hanging over Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln like a heavy cloud ever since the project was announced… More>

  • Naked Truth
    Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez


    Naked Truth

    Amanda Palmer playfully dubs herself an “amateur musician, professional party thrower” on her Twitter page… More>

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