• Law of Attraction
    Photo Credit: Scott Garfield


    Law of Attraction

    While we’re all bemoaning the spring movie doldrums, here comes a potty-mouthed spoof of Fox’s late-1980s howler, a TV show that sent fresh-faced young cops 
(one of them a protean, sax-playing Johnny Depp) undercover to narc out some nasty high school dope dealers… More>

  • Tinker Tailor
    Photo Credit: Cybele Malinowski


    Tinker Tailor

    Wally De Backer inhabits a seemingly unreal world. Under the stage name Gotye, he recorded much of his album Making Mirrors in his parents’ barn along Australia’s idyllic southeast coast, manipulating samples from both records and live instruments… More>

  • Raising Shell
    Photo Credit: Dan Watkins

    First Taste

    Raising Shell

    When restaurateur Frank DePasquale’s Mare Natural Coastal Italian started dishing up bowls of seafood-spiked pasta in 2005, the Richmond Street restaurant aimed to bring a touch of modern elegance to the North End’s fields of checkered tablecloths. Diners swarmed. But in the past seven years, the locavore movement’s push for sustainability has caused a sea change in the shellfish scene… More>

  • Palin Comparison
    Photo Credit: Dan Watkins

    Drink of the Moment

    Palin Comparison

    Cocktail: The Bristol at Highland Kitchen. Price: $10… More>

  • The Parent Trap
    Photo Credit: JoJo Whilden


    The Parent Trap

    Just once I’d like to see a movie in which a man and a woman can be platonic friends without hooking up. We’ve seen this rom-com scenario at least a billion times before, ever since When Harry Met Sally set the template for male-female friendships acting as mere obstacles on the road to wedded bliss… More>

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