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Photo Credit: Dan Watkins

Name: Pierre Slinger.

Price: $14.

Inventor: Todd Wilkins, manager and beverage director at Nix’s Mate.

Ingredients: Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, Zipang sake, lychee, lime, housemade vanilla bean syrup.

Taste: Most lychee drinks are a smack of candied fruit, but this one veers to sparkly. The blended ginger and lychee are powerfully fragrant on the nose, but the lime cleans up the fumes with citrus. Vanilla gives the syrup weight, while all the fizz wells up at the end, balancing the sweet and tart notes with a crisp finish.

Why “Pierre”? Explains Wilkins, “Pierre was a Frenchman in 1782 who brought lychee into the European market.” Domaine de Canton being French, the idea was to create a fusion between French and Asian flavors.

And slinger? “A slinger is a Collins glass with water, lemon or lime.”

For sake’s sake: Instead of the usual warm or cold sakes, Wilkins wanted something with extra verve. He struck on Zipang, which is naturally carbonated through secondary fermentation. “You see a lot of drinks with sake, but I wanted to mix it up with the carbonation. It’s a refreshing change from Champagne or sparkling wine.

Pair it with: The lightness of the cocktail plays well off seafood, like fish and chips or bay scallops.

Alternates:  If lychees stir memories of cloying desserts, opt for one of the restaurant’s popular Moscow Mules. If lychees aren’t cloying enough, try one of the ice cream cocktails, like the Laid in a Dish, a quaffable banana split with aged rum, crème de banana and crème de cacao.

Pierre Slinger
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