Andrew Rimas

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Photo Credit: Dan Watkins

Name: Beet of Life

Price: $12

Inventor: Bar manager Teodora Bakardzhieva

Ingredients: Bacardi Silver infused with fresh beets. Also, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, mint.

So it’s a mojito with beets: “Everybody said it sounded like a horrible idea!” laughs Bakardzhieva. “But then they go and tell their friends.”

Horrible idea? No. The taste is similar to a mojito, but with an earthy undertone. The beets also add a subdued sweetness, completely unreminiscent of a salad. It’s refreshing and light, and looks seasonally festive due to its opulent blood-red hue.

Conceit: “A lot of people drink fruity drinks, but it’s hard to convince people to drink something really healthy with alcohol,” says Bakardzhieva.
“We were looking for a cocktail
with a healthy vegetable.”

Health benefits: Beta-carotene and fiber, not to mention it helps detoxify the liver (a useful trick for a cocktail). “Beets are used in antidepression medications,” says Bakardzhieva. “And the ancient Romans used to eat it before battle.”

Pair it with: The beets’ savory notes would complement duck spring rolls.

Next drink trend? As Bakardzhieva says, “We care about what we eat, why don’t we care about what we drink?”

Beet of Life
Emerald Lounge Hotel, 200 Stuart St., Boston | 617-457-2626 |