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Photo Credit: Allison Dinner

Name: Sherry Cobbler

Price: $13

Inventor: Katie Emmerson, bar manager at the Hawthorne

Ingredients: Lustau East India sherry, orange Curaçao, muddled fresh berries, garnish of three blueberries, one raspberry, an orange slice and a mint sprig

Flavor: Strong aromatics from the mint and fruit shape the nose. The ice leavens the berries’ juices, so it tastes lightly sweet without being cloying. Sherry grounds the fresh flavors in a touch of earth.

Selling point: “When people see the berries, they get very excited,” Emmerson says.

Origin: “Back in the mid-1800s, they were making all sorts of cobblers,” says Emmerson. “It was when they started to use ice, so it required a utensil. It was the first drink that made the straw popular.”

Technique: “I picked Lustau sherry for its nutty qualities. We’re using one strawberry, four raspberries and four blueberries. I muddled the berries with dry Curaçao.”

Pair it with: The Late-Night, Last-Minute package upstairs at the Hotel Commonwealth, available after 10 pm. If your evening’s been particularly enjoyable, for $199 you can take the elevator home for a spontaneous overnight stay that includes late check-out, room-service breakfast, a Dopp kit full of Malin + Goetz amenities, a sleep shirt and slippers. Naturally, this means more time to plumb the arcana of the Hawthorne’s menu.

Looking ahead: The Hawthorne is a shrine to esoteric cocktails, but there’s always room for exploration. “One of my personal goals was to reach for things I might not always reach for,” Emmerson says. “For me, that’s the agave section.” Look for six new tequila and mezcal drinks to appear soon.

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