Little Miss Sunshine

Celebrate summer by donning the suitably sunny shade of the season.


1. Angilia sandals, $45 at Aldo
2. Hotel key fob, $8 at Sault New England
3. Radiant bon bon earrings, $30 at Holiday
4. Quay gold marble cat eye sunnies, $60 at Flock
5. Linen flutter top, $48 at Anthropologie
6. Michael Kors dress, $226 at Vintage Taste
7. Vintage Bakelite bracelets, $120-$600 at 20th Century LTD
8. Sunny Life pineapple sipper, $15 at Whitney + Winston
9. Levi’s high-rise jeans with tapered unfinished leg, $118 at Anthropologie
10. Striped printed flower scarf, $26 at Zara
11. Strapped shoulder bag, $40 at Zara


20th Century Limited, 73 Charles St., Boston (617-742-1031) Aldo, 180 Newbury St., Boston (617-266-0501) Anthropologie, 203 Newbury St., Boston (617-262-0545) Flock, 274 Shawmut Ave., Boston (617-391-0222) Holiday, 53 Charles St., Boston (617-973-9730) Sault New England, 577 Tremont St., Boston (857-239-9434) Vintage Taste, 103 Charles St., Boston (617-367-9191) Whitney + Winston, 113 Charles St., Boston (617-720-2600) Zara, 212 Newbury St., Boston (617-236-1414)


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