Canadian indie rocker Rich Aucoin’s shows are madcap, kinetic, participatory parties involving props like giant parachutes and confetti. We caught up with Aucoin, who’s at Great Scott on Sept. 24, while he backtracked to the previous night’s venue for a forgotten laptop. Call it collateral damage of a very good time.

I think that’s a good, apt description. When I try to describe it to someone in elevator-length conversation, I say it’s like crowd karaoke to a bunch of songs you don’t know, covered in the sweat and confetti of your friends.

Oh yeah. You’ve just got to somehow channel the motivation to perform. The thing I tend to think of the most is that each time there’s someone who’s only going to see you that one time, and that’s your only time in this life with them. So, you might as well perform as hard as you can, so that their one impression of your existence isn’t “Well, that was shitty.”

I look at every show like it’s my last, as well. That’s another personal goal in each performance, to try to add to previous shows. I like to figure out new things during the show, see how they work.

The parachutes are going to be larger than the last time you saw me—they’re going be able to cover like a thousand people now!

It showed up on one of those eBay “You might also like this” [sidebars], and I was like, “I would also like that!” I tried it out with a song and then realized I had to write a song specifically for it. So it got performed once with “Undead,” and ever since it’s been with “Are You Experiencing?”

When I started crowd surfing, I’d bring out a surfboard and people would pass me over the audience. When I was in Brazil, instead of passing me off, some guys just ran around the crowd at high speeds with me, so that was pretty crazy.


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