Converse Rubber Tracks Opens Free Boston Studio

Studio manager Evan Kenney shows the recording console of Boston’s new Converse Rubber Tracks facility

Boston bands can apply for a free day with an engineer in a professional recording studio starting today with the opening of a permanent Converse Rubber Tracks studio next to that sneaker giant’s new world headquarters at Lovejoy Wharf.

That shiny new studio between the TD Garden and the Charlestown Bridge will host daily eight-hour sessions. Bands will typically either record and mix one song, live-track several songs (possibly to film), or use the facility to mix existing tracks, says Brad Worrell, manager of Converse Rubber Tracks’ similar studio in Brooklyn.

Best of all, the bands retain all rights to the music they make at Converse Rubber Tracks, which the company presents as its way to give back to a music community that’s been supportive of the brand. This follows pop-up sessions held since December 2013 at Q Division in Somerville, where Converse Rubber Tracks has hosted such groups as Mellow Bravo, Barricades and Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion!

The 1,100-square-foot studio at Lovejoy Wharf boasts a 32-input Neves Design recording console, plus microphones, amplifiers, guitars, keyboards and drums that bands have the option of using in the space with windows overlooking the Zakim Bridge. Musicians also can tap into Converse Rubber Track’s extensive free sample library.

The studio complements the Converse Rubber Tracks Live in Boston series, which climaxed with a dazzling five-night April run at the Sinclair that was headlined by the Replacements, Passion Pit, Slayer, Chance the Rapper and Descendents, with opening sets by bands that have recorded at the company studios. Last week, Matt & Kim headlined another free Sinclair show to celebrate the studio opening.

Bands can apply for free time at the Converse Rubber Tracks facility at Lovejoy Wharf via this link.

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