New Englanders might recognize Matt Siegel’s voice before his face. As the host of KISS 108’s Matty in the Morning, Siegel has one of the most distinctive voices in the industry—so much so that he was inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2012. Now he’s bringing his show to the stage for An Evening with Matty in the Morning at the Wilbur on Sept. 13 and Oct. 10. “It’s not stand-up. It’s more like funny stories as opposed to telling a joke,” Siegel says. “It’s going to be kind of cut in half with me telling stuff and then listeners coming up on stage and talking and asking me questions. We’ve got some video gags and music too.”

In the meantime, Siegel—whos no stranger to keeping Bostonians entertained during a long commute—rounded up his favorite jams to listen to when he’s in a traffic jam. “These are the ‘make me feel good in the car’ songs,” Siegel says. “They’re all upbeat songs that I like to think are cool. They’re obviously kind of dad songs now, I’m a little embarrassed to say. But they’re the ‘make Matt feel better’ songs.”

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