Agenda: 'Point Break' live at The Sinclair

Vaya con Dios, brah.


Can’t wait for the summer release of the Point Break remake? Keanu Reeves fans can get their nostalgia fix at Point Break Live! at the Sinclair.

For one night only, the rock club will transform into a movie set—on which the audience plays the “extras”—for a parody of the ’90s action flick about a gang of bank-robbing surfer bros and the rookie undercover cop investigating them. Billed as the first “reality play,” Point Break Live! stars an audience member—chosen in an on-the-spot “Are U Keanu?” contest—as Reeves’ Johnny Utah. The insta-movie star reads his lines from giant cue cards provided by a “production assistant.” Hilarity and chaos obviously ensue. Essentially a live, messy, beer-fueled reproduction of the making of Point Break, the show has been called “a remake so bad, it’s outright homage” by The New York Times. Endorsement enough for us, brah.

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