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Soon, ads for medical studies may not be the only reading material awaiting MBTA riders. Books on the T is aiming to bring new titles to trains and T stations, creating a mobile lending library as part of the Books on the Move initiative that began with a single London bibliophile in 2012. “We are working with local authors and publishers to highlight the Boston literary community,” says librarian and archivist Araceli Hintermeister, noting that they’re prioritizing books with local settings, subject matter and authors. The project is slated to launch in May, but in the meantime, we tapped the three cofounders to find out what’s on their reading lists right now.

0329Extra_CatherineHeadShotCatherine Gaggioli
“On my reading list is The Fifth Petal, the follow-up to Brunonia Barry’s first novel, The Lace Reader. Set in present-day Salem, it connects that town’s past tragedies to more recent murders as a descendant of one of the accused witches works to exonerate the local historian of her mother’s murder and find out who really did it. Barry is known for her strong female characters, and this novel delivers the mix of real-life drama and supernatural forces that I love in fiction.”

0329Extra_JudyHeadShotJudy Gelman
“Barbara Lynch’s debut memoir Out of Line: A Life of Playing with Fire chronicles her coming of age in the tough South Boston projects and her journey to culinary stardom. The first pages had me hooked—from her neighborhood run-ins with Whitey Bulger’s gang to her love affair with HoJo’s clams. It’s humorous, gritty and poignant. And we are thrilled to be sharing it on Books on the T this spring!”

0329Extra_HintermeisterHeadShotAraceli Hintermeister
The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley is Hannah Tinti’s second novel… a literary thriller that unravels the criminal past of Samuel’s life and the lies he created for his daughter Loo. As they seek a quiet life in Olympus, MA, Loo begins to discover that her father’s secrets always have a way of catching up. I hope The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley keeps me at the edge of my seat when it releases in late March.”

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