See This: Meow: A Cat-Inspired Exhibition at the Worcester Art Museum

Oh, what a feline.


While cats may be the bread-wearing, keyboard-playing, meme-fueling Internet stars of the 21st century, the furry companions have long livened the art world. And the Worcester Art Museum is showing how they’ve been muses throughout the ages in Meow: A Cat-Inspired Exhibition, which is gathering 70 prints, drawings, sculptures and paintings (including Gustave Courbet’s Woman with a Cat, pictured here) in one gallery. Visitors can also tour the rest of the  museum on a self-guided “cat walk” to discover even more feline-inspired fodder, peep Rhonda Lieberman’s installation of live animals—which will be available for adoption—and create their own pet portraits and toys. Crazy cat ladies and gents, rejoice: The exhibit is on view from May 21 through Sept. 4.

Meow runs from May 21-Sept. 4 at the Worcester Art Museum, 55 Salisbury St., Worcester (508-799-4406)

Worcester Art Museum

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