The Making of Finish Line


That’s how many interviews went into the making of Finish Line: The Untold Stories of the 2013 Boston Marathon, a new play running through April 23 at the NonProfit Center in Boston. The script is entirely composed of the words of survivors, runners, doctors, clergy, journalists, police officers and other everyday heroes who “refused to let an act of violence define who they are,” says co-creator Joey Frangieh, founder of Boston Theater Company. He’s tweaked Shakespearean texts for past BTC shows, but here, he and co-creator Lisa Rafferty were determined to use subjects’ exact language. “We got a volunteer team of transcribers who wrote out word for word, ‘um’ for ‘um,’ pause for pause,” Frangieh says. “It had to be verbatim, because it’s not my story to tell. It’s not any playwright’s story to tell. It’s a community’s story to tell.” Find tickets ($20-$35) at


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