Living up to the title of “The Most Interesting Man in the World” comes naturally to Jonathan Goldsmith, a BU alum who just shot his ninth year of commercials for Dos Equis (look for new spots airing in March). His other credits include appearances in films opposite Clint Eastwood and Burt Lancaster, not to mention more than 350 television shows, and he uses his fame to support charitable causes from hunger relief to land mine removal. We gave him a call at his Vermont home to find out what it’s like to play a man he says “everyone wants to emulate… including me.”

On the audition: There were about 500 people that all looked like they were there for Juan Valdez…. They were all mostly Latinos, and I thought that was the direction they were heading. I thought I didn’t have a chance….Then they started looking around all over America and Mexico and Buenos Aires, and they didn’t find what they wanted.…They ended up with a guy from New York playing this character.

On his favorite line: I think it might be, “He once fooled a psychic.”…The guys that write this stuff are geniuses.

On memorable fan encounters: One fellow followed me into a men’s room and insisted that I sign something. And I told him if he wouldn’t mind waiting a little while, I’d be glad to.

On how to be an interesting man: To do that you have to be interested in things, particularly in reading. With all of these instant-access-to-information vehicles that we have, people don’t read anymore. And I think, consequently, you diminish your potential, your possibilities, your vocabulary and your ability to express yourself…. And I say get engaged—find something that is challenging to you, find a way that you can make a contribution.

On his days at BU: I loved Copley Square. I loved the whole city, I really did….I remember Emerson—the Emerson women were very special….I have the utmost respect for the spirit of Boston….Tell ’em all to keep drinking.

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