Game of Thrones fans know Kristian Nairn best as Hodor, Bran Stark’s slow but steady caretaker. But on his current Rave of Thrones tour, which hits Prime on Oct. 12, the Irish actor and DJ of almost 20 years will hold court behind the turntables. We caught up with Nairn, who’s amassed something of a cult following after coming out as gay in a Game of Thrones fan site this March, before his stop in town.

It’s the same as anything—my mom used to be told that the Rolling Stones weren’t musicians and just made noise. It’s the same blinkered people who believe that just because something isn’t their taste, then it’s bad and anyone could do it. Not everyone who picks up a guitar and strums a chord is a guitar player, and not every motorist is a Formula One driver. Anyone can push button, but not everyone is a DJ.

Every gig has had the “Hodor” chant. No matter where in the world, it happens, and sometimes all I can do is stand and grin like an idiot. It’s overwhelming. I never thought I would be in this position, and I’m so goddamn grateful that I am. It’s an incredible vehicle for me to bring my sound to the world.

I honestly don’t feel worthy most of the time. People, in general, are amazingly nice and supportive. Obviously the Internet is, well, the Internet, but it’s easy to avoid for the most part. It still surprises me on social media sometimes, the level of personal questions you will get asked. Some things I wouldn’t ask someone I had known for years!

I disagree! I think that was the perfect way for him to die, surrounded by his court, but no one really wanting to help. And he did turn a very pretty color.


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