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Neighborhoods: Theater District

2014 Winner: Ostra

In a neighborhood that knows plenty about dramatic entrances, Ostra has made quite the splash. Its setting is immaculate: Whole fish repose on an ice bed flanking a polished open kitchen, and horseshoe crab-imprinted chargers anchor tables in the white-columned dining room. The equally gorgeous (and totally delicious) seafood is served Mediterranean-style—the branzino is baked in salt, the sea bream anointed with extra-virgin olive oil. As piano music drifts from the lounge, you get the sense that you’re dining on some distant shore, where it wouldn’t be at all surprising to find a pearl in your oyster.


1 Charles St. South, Boston • (617) 421-1200

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  • Neighborhoods: Theater District

    2015 Winner: Ostra

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    Neighborhoods: Theater District - Ostra Photo Credit: Jillian Medugno