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2015 Winner: Converse Rubber Tracks Live’s Sinclair Takeover

Photo Credit: Johnny Anguish/Daycamp Music


When Bowery Boston and Converse Rubber Tracks Live announced a week of totally free and totally killer shows at the Sinclair, the news practically #BrokeTheInternet. The lineup for the five-day takeover boasted massive artists who’ve recorded at the Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn: the Replacements, Passion Pit, Slayer, Chance the Rapper and the Descendents. The catch? Those who wanted tickets had to enter an online lottery, with winners announced just days before the shows. Needless to say, there were many disappointed fans come April 27. With Converse’s Boston Rubber Tracks studio opening this summer at Lovejoy Wharf, here’s hoping there’s an encore.

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