Hair Stylist

2015 Winner: Emily Reale of Beaucage Salon & Spa

Photo Credit: Niki Lazaridou


Emily Reale has advice for the newly engaged: “You don’t have to start growing your hair out that moment and look like someone who’s not yourself.” Enhancing a bride’s natural tresses is always her goal, be it with “loose, organic” waves or shorter hair “oomphed up” with a few extensions for volume. No matter what, the style will “never be stiff or stuffy,” much like Reale’s personality. “I’ve fallen in love with doing weddings,” she says. “My favorite moment is the bride’s father’s first look, and they cry, and I cry. You connect with the family on a whole other level.”

Beaucage Salon & Spa

71 Newbury St., Boston • (617) 437-7171