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Unexpected Dance Destination

2016 Winner: The Institute of Contemporary Art


One of the best local stages for dance isn’t technically a stage at all: In an intimate glass-walled space overlooking the harbor, the ICA hosts diverse and dynamic programming. This spring saw the Boston debut of Companhia Urbana de Dança’s Brazilian b-boys, a twist on Antigone by vogueing phenom Trajal Harrell and a three-act spectacle from New York company a canary torsi that transported audiences to Louis XIV’s Versailles. Add in Heidi Latsky’s On Display, an installation featuring dancers with and without disabilities who performed over four days in June, and a summer dance residency program that draws top talents, and it’s clear that the ICA is as thoughtful about art that moves as it is about works on the wall.

The Institute of Contemporary Art

25 Harbor shore Drive, Boston • (617) 478-3100

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