Goods & Services

  • Gift Shop

    Boston General Store

    From gardening tools and shaving essentials to gourmet edibles like Bee Raw Honey and filet mignon beef jerky, this Coolidge Corner shop is stocked with all kinds of finds from small-batch makers...

    Gift Shop - Boston General Store Photo Credit: Nicole Popma
  • Antique Store

    Cambridge Antique Market

    From the outside, Cambridge Antique Market may not have the panache of the antique shops lining Charles Street, but this treasure trove certainly has the goods to warrant a serious visit. ...

  • Bookstore

    Brookline Booksmith

    The book clubs, small-press titles and award-winning kids section tell only part of the story at Coolidge Corner’s indie mainstay...

    Bookstore - Brookline Booksmith Photo Credit: Nicole Popma
  • Cocktail Caterer

    Booze Époque

    Longtime friends Meaghan Sinclair and Harmony Dawn have come a long way since conceiving the idea for a traveling cocktail service while at Burning Man (yes, really)...

  • Floral Studio

    Wild Folk Studio

    Wild Folk Studio owner Caroline O’Donnell, a self-taught floral designer who opened her Somerville sanctum in 2013, has been busy of late...

    Floral Studio - Wild Folk Studio Photo Credit: Holly Rike
  • Furniture Store

    Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

    Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams hits that sweet spot between classic and contemporary, mixing midcentury modern aesthetics with fun flourishes and eco-friendly, American-made upholstery...

  • Hidden Gem

    Studio Carta

    Tucked away at the tail end of a row of craftsmen storefronts, Studio Carta provides the perfect finishing touch to any project:...

    Hidden Gem - Studio Carta Photo Credit: Sarah Silbiger
  • Home Boutique


    Jill Goldberg’s keen eye has kept Hudson thriving for the past decade, curating a mix of decor that draws on the classic prep of her native New England and California cool from her years spent in LA...

    Home Boutique - Hudson Photo Credit: Kent Dayton
  • Kitchen Store

    Kitchenwitch JP

    Kitchenwitch JP makes no promises about improving performance (that’s on you), but it does stock a creative assortment of colorful kitchenware (blinking ketchup and mustard bottles, anyone?) to help you have some gourmet fun...

    Kitchen Store - Kitchenwitch JP Photo Credit: Nicole Popma
  • Moving Company

    Safe Responsible Movers

    Musicians are used to heavy lifting—but local musician Chris Amaral moves a lot more than guitar gear...

  • New Addition

    Market Stalls at Boston Design Center

    Once a resource reserved for design professionals only, the Boston Design Center now welcomes the public inside its renovated second floor, which was recently transformed into an antique market...

    New Addition - Market Stalls at Boston Design Center Photo Credit: Ben Gebo
  • One-Stop Shop


    This Washington Square grocery ups the meal-kit game, offering preportioned ingredients for 20-plus recipes from chef/owner Amanda Mayo and local toques, available in store and by delivery...

    One-Stop Shop - Pantry Photo Credit: Nicole Popma
  • Parent Resource

    Little Lovage Club

    A large South End space awash with natural light, Little Lovage Club is a different kind of baby boutique...

    Parent Resource - Little Lovage Club Photo Credit: Adam Broun
  • Record Store

    Deep Thoughts JP

    Sandwiched between a barbershop and a salon, Deep Thoughts JP satisfies a different sort of headspace...

    Record Store - Deep Thoughts JP Photo Credit: Alaina Stamatis 
  • Running Store

    Marathon Sports

    Whether you’re a power-walking newbie or a 10-mile regular, Marathon Sports staffers go the extra mile...

  • Stationery Shop

    The Paper Mouse

    Opened in November by the team behind Felix Doolittle stationery, the Paper Mouse is a love note to the art of letter writing...

  • Toy Store

    Henry Bear’s Park

    With four locations and 40 years in business under its belt, Henry Bear’s Park is a go-to for quality bath toys, art supplies, picture books, board games, science kits and plush playthings in the Boston area and beyond (the team opened a Providence shop in April)...

    Toy Store - Henry Bear’s Park Photo Credit: Nicole Popma
  • Trend

    Boozy Classes

    Cocktail-fueled craft classes are taking over local bars and moving far beyond painting lessons...