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2017 Winner: Tenoch Mexican


Mexico’s great multilayered sandwich is on the rise in Boston, starring on menus where it was scarce a few years ago. But we’re still partial to the Medford-founded Tenoch, whose mini-empire now has locations in the North End and Davis Square, all serving a gorgeous torta on a slightly oily telera roll with beans, chipotle mayo, mozzarella-like Oaxaca cheese, onions and tomatoes. Fillings like steak, slow-roasted pork shoulder, chicharrones and crumbled chorizo make for a pleasingly greasy, messy, utterly delicious and gut-busting meal.

Tenoch Mexican

3 Lewis St., Boston • (617) 248-9537

Tenoch Mexican

382 Highland Ave., Somerville • (617) 764-1906

Tenoch Mexican

24 Riverside Ave., Medford • (781) 395-2221

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