Domino Kirke

Growing up in an artistic family, singer Domino Kirke has never shied away from her passion for performing. From her early years playing piano for her drummer father—Simon Kirke of Free and Bad Company—to touring her first solo album, Beyond Waves, Kirke keeps family ties at the forefront of her deeply personal lyrics. Her new songs “Friend of the Family,” “Black Jack” and “Half Blood,” are self-proclaimed “love letters” to her loved ones. “I actually find it easier to connect to people when I’m singing these songs,” Kirke says. “More than any other songs that I’ve ever written or any show I’ve ever played.” The Brooklyn-based indie songstress drops by Great Scott on Nov. 18 — and read our Q&A with her ahead of the show.Julia Aparicio

Photo: Tina Turnbrow

Great Scott

1222 Comm. Ave. Boston, MA 02134 United States (617) 566-9014