JC Tetreault and his wife, Esther, have plenty of achievements to toast about. Since launching Trillium Brewing Company in Fort Point four years ago, they’ve brewed thousands of barrels, opened a second brewery with a taproom in Canton and garnered international accolades—in January, RateBeer named Trillium number three on its annual list of the world’s best brewers. But a simpler milestone has eluded them. Only allowed to sell packaged beer at the Fort Point brewery, they haven’t been able to pour a beer for a customer within the confines of the city of Boston.

That’s changed with the debut of the Trillium Garden, which will operate on the Rose Kennedy Greenway from June till October. “This is a crazy dream of having a beer garden in the middle of the city in downtown Boston in this beautiful park. It’s on the list of those crazy things I can’t believe we’re able to do,” Tetreault says. “We always hoped it would be possible for us to do this, but we have generally written it off as too difficult for us to pull off and figure out how to do on our own. We really needed something like the Greenway to kind of champion this with us. We needed their support because there aren’t many places in the city for us to develop something like this.”

Set near the Boston Harbor Hotel, the 4,000-square-foot space accommodates up to 250 imbibers. Wednesday through Sunday, they’ll line up for counter service at Trillium’s refrigerated trailer, which will offer eight varieties of beer—including the brewery’s first lager, likely available near the end of June—as well as three wines on tap from Westport Rivers Winery, a dark rosé, a white and a sparkling white called Farmer’s Fizz.

The beer garden isn’t the Greenway’s only new addition: A 220-foot zip line dubbed the Z was also just unveiled, and Greenway officials hope both pilot projects will join the carousel and food trucks as revenue-generating programs that’ll help fund operations for the 1.5-mile park, which is facing budgetary pressure from the state. The beer garden isn’t the only buzz for Trillium either. “There’s so much stuff that we want to do,” says Tetreault, who’s working on plans for a 250-seat Fort Point taproom with a rooftop terrace and full-service restaurant, slated to open in late 2018.

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