Beer Garden Variety: Aeronaut

Aeronaut aims to bring community together at Harvard's Zone 3


Live music has always been welcome at Aeronaut’s Somerville digs, which also hosts trivia and board game nights in addition to LGBT gatherings. And for Aeronaut’s arts and culture liaison Jason McCool, the brewery’s summer spot in Allston continues that commitment.

“We have a lot of community partnerships and awareness campaigns at the same time as these really amazing bands and singer/songwriters,” McCool says. “You can bring your kids or your co-workers, but drinking craft beer and hearing music together is really so much about building this community that we all crave and love.”

That community comes together in Zone 3, where Harvard turned a former parking lot at 267 Western Ave. into an outdoor performance space featuring a circular platform, a gently sloping grass amphitheater and spots in the sun and shade. Accommodating hundreds of customers in the revamped location, there are plenty of opportunities to show off some of the city’s most talented performers—and the best and brightest of Aeronaut’s brews.

“Too many times when people talk about Boston’s arts scene, they talk about buildings and not people. A big part of Harvard’s mission is expanding a creative environment and cool things for people to do in that area, which is why we’re so excited to have a hand in that,” McCool says. As far as creative brews, Aeronaut will release a summer beer garden exclusive once a month in addition to the regular lineup you can find at the Somerville brewery.

Hours: Wed., 5-9:30 pm; Fri., 5-11 pm


Zone 3

267 Western Ave., Cambridge

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