Frequent customers of Brassica Kitchen + Cafe know to order the squid ink pappardelle with octopus confit, cauliflower and a black garlic and sweet miso tomato sauce even when the dish isn’t on the printed menu. Chef/owner Jeremy Kean and his team dreamed up the sauce, inspired by a love of Japanese flavors and a focus on Italian cuisine, while still running their Whisk pop-ups several years ago. “The flavor is sweet, buttery and intense with umami. It is the whole strength behind the dish,” Kean says. “The cauliflower, noodles and octopus only work to calm it in a texturally pleasing way.” Kean’s recipe yields 6 quarts and he says it freezes well, which means with a little effort at home, the fusion of flavors will elevate quick pasta dinners for weeknights to come.

Black Garlic and Sweet Miso Tomato Sauce at Brassica Kitchen + Cafe

YIELD: 6 quarts

1o pounds plum tomatoes, quartered
1 head black garlic
1 pint garlic, minced
1 cup capers, chopped
1 cup olives, cured and chopped
1 cup thyme, chopped
1 pint onion, minced
3 pounds butter, softened
2 pounds sweet white miso paste

PREPARATION: Cook the tomatoes, garlic, capers, olives, thyme and onion on low heat for three to four hours until the mixture is thick like tomato paste. Puree butter and tomato mixture with miso until the ingredients are evenly incorporated.


Brassica Kitchen + Cafe 3710 Washington St., Boston (617-477-4519)

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