Charles Marie


Price: $10

Ingredients: Passion fruit, green Chartreuse, cacao-infused sweet vermouth and club soda

Best suited for: “Someone a little more adventurous,” says Ward 8 general manager Mike Wyatt. “The flavors are a little more bold.” Not unlike its namesake, a Parisian geographer who explored Ecuador—thus, the French liqueur and tropical influence. The Tiki-like cocktail takes tartness from the passion fruit, some sweetness from the Chartreuse and vermouth and a bit of brightness from the bubbles.

Pair it with: Blackened swordfish with sweet corn hash and chili oil ($25).

Summertime and the drinkin’ is easy: Two things warm-weather cocktails should be, per Wyatt: “Refreshing and ice cold.” This cocktail, which debuted last month alongside a handful of other seasonal sips, fits the bill on both counts. “And it shouldn’t be over-the-top boozy.” See also: the equally mouthwatering After School Special, a mix of Ketel Oranje and falernum—“if orgeat was alcoholic, with some spiced notes,” says Wyatt—plus pineapple and mango pale ale.

Fun fact: Though the restaurant is named Ward 8—after the Locke-Ober-founded cocktail whose origins go back to pol Martin Lomasney’s state legislature run—it’s actually located in Ward 3.

For your next round: If you’re looking for a classic cocktail to order right now, other than the Ward 8, Wyatt has a recommendation. “Definitely a daiquiri,” he says. “A lot of people have this idea that it should come from a slushie machine, but the classic is shaken, with rum, lime and sugar.” Order up.

Ward 8 90 N. Washington St., Boston (617-823-4478)

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