Chip Shot


Back when he was leading the kitchen at Empire, executive chef Chris Barchard of Sixth Gear Cask & Kitchen was known to eat heaping bowls of baby arugula with chopsticks as he worked the line, so it’s no surprise that the peppery leaves found their way into his new kitchen when the steampunk-inspired Southie eatery opened in January. They sit atop the brie chips, Barchard’s Asian fusion twist on classic bar nachos that ditches tortilla chips for fried wonton wrappers. The snack packs a satisfying crunch even after being topped with melted brie, a dollop of fig jam, shaved Marcona almonds and, of course, a bit of green.

Brie chips, $6 at Sixth Gear Cask & Kitchen, 81 L St., Boston (617-765-8836)


Sixth Gear Cask & Kitchen

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