Vinho Verde is Portugal’s northernmost wine producing region, and unusual for Portugal in the fact that it is known for its white wines, as opposed to reds. With its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the Vinho Verde region is a lush, green landscape in which grape vines naturally thrive. The resulting wines provide vibrant fruit, refreshing acidity and lower alcohol levels – a combination that makes them super thirst quenching on a hot day, and also some of the most versatile partners with all types of food. The wines pair with everything from lighter seafood or salads, to spicier dishes like some Asian cuisines. Generally priced under $15, these wines are made for exploring.

Vinho Verde (pronounced veeng-yo vaird) does not mean ‘green’ wine but rather refers to these being young wines; they are released 3-6 months after harvest. The wines can be single varietals or blends, but most feature one of two key grapes: Alvarinho and Loureiro. Though generally drunk within a year of harvest, the single varietal wines can age. “A single varietal Loureiro can last a good three years, whereas a good Alvarinho can age for ten, developing beautiful aromas”, says Manuel Pinheiro, President of the Vinho Verde Wine Commission. “Today the wines are being made with more richness and complexity…there is a tranquil revolution happening.”

Wine lovers throughout the U.S. are discovering Vinho Verde as one of the best wine values on the market as well. Overall exports of Vinho Verde wines to the U.S. continue to grow at a steady clip, up +37% in value, over a two year period – 2014 to 2016. This growth reinforces the American market as the top market by value for these wines, globally.

“The category is broadening out so we can do tastings and the tastings make the consumers think of the category. Grüners and Pinot Grigios do quite well and when people try Vinho Verde they see a wine that is refreshing and depending on price – more complex,” says Mike Gill, Director of Wine for Blanchards Wines and Spirits.

Boston wine lovers can taste and learn more about Vinho Verde wines this June at Blanchards Wines & Spirits locations. Discover your new go-to wine for the summer and beyond today. Try a bottle with your favorite take out, or bring one along to your next outdoor feast.

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