French Revival


What does Jacky Robert have up the sleeve of his well-worn chef’s jacket? A new restaurant, that’s what.

Robert recently sold his financial stake in Petit Robert Bistro and partnered with Samantha Sosnitsky, owner of Pierrot Bistrot, to open Ma Maison in the former Pierrot space. The new French eatery on the Cambridge Street backside of Beacon Hill is slated to open in early June, and it’s a space where Robert has a history. Despite being better known for his tenures at Boston classics Maison Robert and Locke-Ober, he was also a consulting chef at Pierrot when it opened in 2004.

Reflecting his mastery of traditional French cuisine as well as his penchant for the occasional Asian culinary accent, the menu encompasses lunch, dinner and dessert options from Monday through Saturday. Lunch starters range from Uncle Lucien’s country pâté (a tribute to Robert’s late uncle who owned Maison Robert) to lighter items such as chilled gazpacho with shrimp and the very green Boston Celtics salad, made with spinach, haricots vert, asparagus, kelp and seared tuna. Other lunch highlights include short rib bourguignon, quiche Lorraine and a cheeseburger with foie gras. Dinner features a rack of lamb with gratin dauphinois, duck magret with kimchee duck confit purses and even a veggie burger. As for dessert, French classics such as a Grand Marnier souffle, creme brulee and a giant profiterole with chocolat chaud take center stage. And to put the cerise on the sundae, daily specials will tempt offal fans: If it’s Tuesday, there must be sweetbreads. Wednesday? Veal kidneys. Friday is the day for calf’s brain devotees, and on Saturday, tripes provencale is the star.



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