Frontier Samurai


Price: $12

Ingredients: House-smoked Bulleit, yuzu and rhubarb vanilla syrup

Inventor: Jon Mendez, Trade beverage director

Origin: Mendez tested this concoction at a cocktail competition, and its crowd-pleasing taste earned it a spot on Trade’s menu. The name plays on bourbon’s association with early American settlers and the citrus fruit yuzu’s ties to Japan. “Where else would these two flavors meet?”

Flavor: The bourbon is smoked with rosemary and cedar to enhance its sweetness and is
balanced out by bittersweet citrus and fruit.

Pair it with: Something spicy, like chicken meatballs ($10), that can match the drink’s depth.

Alternatives: Explore other frontiers with new cocktail program TRADEcreates. Sunday through Wednesday, bar guests can fill out a card, noting their usual go-to drink and checking off two of 15 adjectives listed (from spicy to boozy to tropical), which the bartender will then use to create a custom cocktail, priced at $10. Mendez hopes the program’s structure will encourage customers to venture outside their comfort zones, offering options without overwhelming: “If you describe your palate, the things that you like, the flavors that you’re looking for, [then] you put that in the hands of the expert and let them guide you through it.”

Second Round: “We have people who specifically fill out the exact same characteristics and order it from different bartenders to see what they get,” Mendez says.

Third Round: Bartenders write the recipe down for customers, so you can enjoy it again—and again.


Trade | 540 Atlantic Ave., Boston | 617-451-1234 |


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