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Forget whipping up the potato salad, rolling out the lawn games or lighting the fire pit. There’s a new way to make a statement at your next barbecue: Tapped, a year-round beer truck that debuted this spring and can provide beer catering for corporate events, weddings and other gatherings—and accommodate a wide range of tastes.

“Some people want Bud Light on tap, and some people want Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin. Some people want a high-ABV beer; some people want a low ABV,” says owner Avi Shemtov, who also owns the Chubby Chickpea food truck. The idea for a beer truck came to him in October. Three days later, he’d already bought the truck, but outfitting it took a lot longer: Shemtov decided to forgo a refrigeration system in favor of a draught system designed by Modern Draught to be similar to that of a restaurant.

“We’re the first full draught system in the country that’s mobile,” Shemtov says. “We’re running beer through 120 feet of stainless coil in order to take beer that could, in theory, be warm and cool it and pour it. We put a lot of work and money into building the system up front so that we would have no problems on a 96-degree day. On that 96-degree day, you’re OK, and on a 75-degree day, you’re mint.”

Once the truck was ready, Shemtov tapped his relationships with craft breweries such as Castle Island, Night Shift, Aeronaut and Framingham’s Exhibit ‘A,’ where his food truck had made appearances in the past. “I saw a lot of synergy there,” Shemtov says. “Beer is being made in sort of the same fashion that we’re making food. It’s by people with passion.”

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