Price: $16

Ingredients: Boston Harbor Putnam Rye, Amaro Montenegro, oloroso sherry

Taste: “We were trying to get the cozy, spirit-forward type of cocktail that warms you up inside,” explains PABU general manager Linchul Shin. The rye—blended with five percent barley to round out the spices—is paired with a lighter amaro that brings sweeter notes of vanilla and orange peel, and the addition of oloroso sherry tops it off with a savory component. “It’s relatively simple with three ingredients,” says Shin, who adds that he’s all for over-the-top concoctions “but sometimes you lose the purity of what each spirit and liqueur brings out.”

Train of Thought: The end-of-the-night cocktail’s name nods to a phenomenon from across the Pacific. “It’s named after the very last train that takes all the partying students from Japan. It’s one last call, if you will,” he says.

Winter Is Coming: Another menu newcomer is inspired by the Japanese tradition of an herbal nightcap. The bourbon-spiked Evening Tea’s hint of umami comes from Genmaicha green tea made with toasted rice, and a touch of brightness is thanks to ginger liqueur.

Whisky Business: Among five prominent bottles in PABU’s library collection is a 1978 Karuizawa, from a now-closed distillery. Says Shin, “Just a couple months ago there was a really big heist in Paris and a lot of Japanese whisky was stolen out of this shop. Karuizawa 1960 is priced at almost $250,000.” The downtown izakaya hasn’t cracked this ’78 open yet, but Linchul says, “We always geek out about it.”


PABU Millenium Tower, 3 Franklin St., Boston (857-327-7228)


3 Franklin St., Boston

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