Livin’ The Cream


Ice cream may be the original seasonal dish, but it’s a year-round favorite for most of us in Massachusetts. Throughout Boston and Cambridge, there’s a plethora of ice cream shops to keep everyone happy, whether your tastes run to khulfi from Rancatore’s, ginger molasses from Christina’s or, well, anything from Picco. Now, farther afield, a trio has introduced what they say is “the world’s first big-batch liquid nitrogen ice cream shop” in the little central Mass. town of Hudson.

Open just a few weeks, New City Microcreamery already has “kitchen crews running night and day” to meet demand, according to Michael Kasseris, a business partner alongside fellow Babson alum Karim El-Gamal and Bentley grad Jason Kleinerman. Within the 5,000-square-foot facility’s open kitchen, an enormous 60-quart mint green mixer churns up ice cream bases from scratch. Chilling the mixture with liquid nitrogen creates smaller ice crystals, resulting in a smoother texture. The ice cream incorporates milk and cream from Mapleline Farm in Hadley, as well as other local ingredients such as Taza chocolate, fresh fruits sourced from nearby farms and coffee from Counter Culture in Somerville.

Flavors range from standard chocolate, vanilla and coffee to Ritz cracker pie, fennel pistachio and hibiscus cabernet. In the “something for everyone” department, there’s also dairy-free vegan avocado, vegan vanilla and a mint chocolate chip made with fresh mint and tinted with avocado puree. Currently, one of the most popular flavors is peanut butter brownie crumble. It’s based on a peanut butter brownie served for dessert at the Rail Trail Flatbread Co., a restaurant across the street that’s also owned by the three entrepreneurs.  In the works is a creation that the proprietors hope may lure Tom Brady to New City. Kasseris says the Patriots star, while training, makes his own avocado bittersweet chocolate ice cream, and so Kasseris is working to develop “the secret Tom Brady” recipe. “It’s full of bittersweet chocolate,” he reports. “We’re looking forward to launching it, maybe get Tom Brady to taste it.”

He’ll have to trek to Hudson to try it. Despite a number of requests, New City’s ice creams aren’t available at stores and restaurants—yet.

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