6:00 AM

$36, pack of 12

Hydrate like an athlete with DRINKmaple’s Watermelon Water. “It’s nature’s sports drink,” co-founder Kate Weiler says of the Concord-based company’s new offering. The electrolyte-packed elixir of pure watermelon is sourced from an organic farm in Puerto Rico—and has a self-explanatory name: “It tastes like the juice when you bite into a watermelon.”

7:00 AM


California-based Blue Bottle Coffee knows about rising and grinding, with two Boston locations set to open later this year on the heels of the February opening of its first Massachusetts spot in Harvard Square. For those with a similarly packed to-do list, Blue Bottle coffee buyer Charlie Habegger recommends a cup of Bella Donovan—a blend he describes as “a fruit-forward Ethiopia and a syrupy sweet, earthy Sumatra”—to kick-start your day.

8:00 AM


The key ingredient to Burnin’ by Ray’s Green Mylk from Body Tonic is the almond “mylk,” freshly made in batches by hand-squeezing almonds that have been soaked overnight to activate the enzymes. The rest of the drink avoids relying on the typical sugary fruit, instead using greens, turmeric, ginger and a dash of local honey. The cleansing and detoxifying beverage is now available at its Belmont location, and you can soon try it in the Seaport when Burnin’ by Ray opens this summer.

9:00 AM


When the team at George Howell Coffee was devising a new coffee drink, they knew it had to be simple to make in batches—so it can be served easier—and they also wanted it to feel like a cocktail. Welcome, the coffee sangria. Debuting this month at the Godfrey Hotel cafe, it’s made with Colombian coffee, honey, Trinity bitters, hopped grapefruit bitters, blueberry phosphate, lemon, lime and pineapple juices, as well as apples and muddled raspberries. Served cold in a rocks glass, it’s also available hot as a Cloud Nine.

10:00 AM


Bar manager Joe Slavinski’s newest brunch cocktails at Russell House Tavern are flashbacks to sugary breakfast cereal favorites. The Peanut Butter Banshee features Giffard Banane du Bresil, Tempus Fugit creme de cacao and milk, though the star ingredient is a house-infused peanut butter cereal rum, which adds a kick to the milky peanut butter, vanilla, banana and chocolate flavors

11:00 AM


Owners Jeffrey and Jamie Yu want patrons to feel at home at Abide, so the brother-sister duo serve jasmine milk tea, a beverage reminiscent of their childhood. The imported tea with delicate floral notes is shaken with creamy local milk and organic brown sugar to temper the liquid and create a light foam; then it’s poured over ice and garnished with fresh mint.



This spa-inspired mocktail proves you don’t need alcohol to have fun. Bar Boulud’s Green Fizz, which debuted at the start of April, combines fresh-pressed cucumber juice, simple syrup and lime juice before the verdant-hued mixture is poured over ice, topped with club soda and garnished with a cucumber slice

1:00 PM

$4, pack of 4

Spindrift teed up this March release after more than two years of work. The Arnold Palmer-inspired Half & Half includes the Newton company’s signature triple-filtered sparkling water with fresh
lemon juice and brewed Argentinian black tea. Swing into Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s to give it a shot.

2:00 PM


Israeli-based eatery Café Landwer gave Boston a taste of its Mediterranean fare when its first U.S. location opened near Audubon Circle in January. That includes sahlab, a hot beverage that combines
an Israeli-imported powder and steamed milk for a frothy sip that’s sprinkled with crushed nuts, cinnamon and coconut.

3:00 PM

$22, 10 infusers
$18, 2.82 oz loose leaf tea

Inspired by the annual Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, Tea Forté’s Hanami tea blends organic green tea, tart cherries and flower petals for a fragrant and fruity flavor that snagged the 2018 silver medal at the Global Tea Championships. It’s meant to capture the experience of spring in a cup, and you can savor it for yourself when the Concord-based company opens its first retail store on Newbury Street this spring.

4:00 PM


The co-owners of Reign Drink Lab tapped their Vietnamese backgrounds for this avocado smoothie that blends the superfood with condensed milk, sugar and ice for a creamy sip. The Dorchester boba shop and cafe, which started as a weekend pop-up inside Tam Le’s father’s Pho Hoa in 2016, will bring its nitrogen-infused cold brew and teas to SoWa this spring.

5:00 PM


Boston-based Latitude Beverage uncorked its new ACK/MVY Rosé, Provence-made pink sips with notes of raspberries, strawberries and a hint of peach that suit lobster rolls and briny oysters. Pick up the bottles at Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits and BRIX Wine Shop locations, with one dollar of each sale going to the islands’ Boys & Girls Clubs chapters.

6:00 PM


Named after the Urban Grape owners’ golden retriever, Zeus, cans of this limited-release cider collaboration with Far From the Tree hit the South End wine shop’s shelves in March. After the Urban Grape team hand-picked feral heirloom apples, the fruit was left to sweat and soften for two weeks, pressed, then fermented for four months with wild yeast before carbonation, making for a lightly tart libation.

7:00 PM


Made in collaboration with Night Shift, this German-style dunkel lager from Lamplighter Brewing Co. was created with spring on the brain. Featuring caramel malts and German noble hops, Nocturne was fashioned as a winter-to-spring transition beer, boasting rich flavors like roasted chestnuts, pumpernickel bread and a toasted biscuit aroma. Enjoy it at the newly expanded Cambridge taproom.

8:00 PM


The inspiration behind this cocktail from Sumiao Hunan Kitchen came from the name, Perpetual Motion, referring to energy that theoretically continues forever. The mixture uses elderflower—a plant known for its medicinal purposes—and the floral-flavored Hong Kong Baijiu to create a cocktail with blood orange, lime wedges and muddled mint that will keep you going.

9:00 PM


Described as “the perfect sparkler for red wine drinkers,” the newly released Mayflower methode champenoise sparkling wine from Westport Rivers is made with estate-grown pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay, using a secondary fermentation in the bottle—the method relied on when creating Champagne. The just-north-of-Buzzards-Bay vineyard also uses a reserve red wine to add a subtle hint of barrel-aged dryness and notes of black cherry.

10:00 PM


Bully Boy Distillers collaborated with the Langham Hotel, Sarma and Our Fathers during the past year to dream up bespoke gins. Next up: Lion’s Tail’s Old-Tom style, which finds a home in the floral and oaky Safety Meeting. Infused with butterfly pea flowers, the gin is mixed with Dolin Chambly vermouth, orange bitters, a dash of sea salt tincture and yellow and green Chartreuse that the South End bar barreled for a month.

11:00 PM


The secret to the full flavor of the JP Porter, the flagship porter brewed by Turtle Swamp Brewing in Jamaica Plain, is a chocolate rye malt from Valley Malt grown in Hadley. “It gives color, spiciness and a hint of sweet chocolate, and doesn’t get too dark in the process,” says John Lincecum, a biochemist who last year opened the local libation maker with Nik Walther.



Inspired by Moana, Tiki Rock’s You’re Welcome punch transports guests from the new Financial District spot to a tropical shore. Made using a blend of rum, freshly squeezed juices, maraschino sour cherry liquor and a chili tincture, the large-format cocktail is served over blue raspberry-infused ice cubes and topped with Cava in a custom-made volcano. Dry ice, fire and an additional bottle of bubbles make this drink best imbibed with friends—or Dwayne Johnson.

1:00 AM


Ghost Walks—a new space from the Committee and Bijou team—opens this month below the Theater District nightclub at 57 Stuart St. Spirits will be served in popcorn bags, camera lenses and as upturned nips—and don’t miss the Moët vending machine. General manager Peter Szigeti says the Scandinavian Summer, named for a sunny vacation spot, combines vodka, cumin and a rotating housemade jam.

2:00 AM

$75, bottle

Using water from the Quabbin Reservoir, Boston Harbor Distillery bottled 200 cases of its 100-proof Putnam New England Single Malt in December after aging the coffee and chocolate-flecked spirit in heavily charred American Oak barrels. Grab a bottle at the Dorchester tasting room, where you can also sample it in a pineapple and blood orange juice cocktail with a jasmine-infused honey.

3:00 AM


To reap the benefits of activated charcoal, the juice geniuses at Nourish Your Soul concocted the best-selling lavender charcoal lemonade, which you can once again pick up in the city at its new Beacon Hill location. The lemon is cold-pressed before lavender, charcoal, Vermont maple syrup and filtered water are added to this drink that may become your new foolproof hangover cure.

4:00 AM


Jugos supersized its brick-and-mortar footprint when it opened its South End Jugos Supremo digs in November. A fitting juice for the bigger space, the La Flaca—or the Skinny—packs a double punch with two times the kale, spinach and wheatgrass that you’d normally find in one of the company’s bottled beverages. This nutrient-rich libation also includes cucumber, mint, pineapple, bee pollen and a hint of cayenne for added spice.

5:00 AM


Tap water? As in regular, ordinary, run-of-the-faucet H2O? In Boston, it’s more like H2-whoa! Last year, the city’s tap water won a taste test from water-quality experts as New England’s Best Drinking Water and will be entered into a competition this summer to win the title of North America’s best drinking water. The clear stuff meets all state and federal water standards and is sourced from the Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs. Bottles out and bottoms up—let the good stuff flow.


2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8,12 AM & 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 PM: Holly Rike; 1, 7, 9, 10, 11 AM & 12, 2, 4, 9, 10 PM: Sophie Fabbri

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